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Answers to common questions

How do I get to Wengen?
Wengen is a “car free” village. Well, virtually car free. You cannot drive to Wengen. To get here, you can drive to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and park at the Lauterbrunnen train station, park in the parking garage, and take the 11 minute train ride up to Wengen.
What is the best way to travel to Wengen?
This truly depends on your needs, preference, and other travel details. When traveling in small groups, traveling by train makes it very simple to get from any airport to Wengen. However, if you are traveling with children, a lot of luggage, or at very early/late hours, we recommend renting a car.
How far are your apartments from the Wengen train station?
From the Wengen train station it will take the average person about 6-8 minutes to walk to our apartments, depending on luggage and where you’re staying. Please note that these are estimates. Wengen is in the mountains and there are some hills to walk up. If you are a slower walker and/or traveling with a lot of luggage it will take longer to walk to the apartments. Once you have completed a booking in one of our apartments we will send detailed photo directions showing the way from the Wengen station to the apartment you booked.
Can I take a taxi to Wengen?
You cannot take a taxi “to” Wengen, but you can travel within Wengen via Taxi. While Wengen is virtually car free, there are some vehicles allowed which are necessary for business purposes. Following all confirmed bookings, we will send the contact information for the local taxi service or luggage service to our guests.
Can we have a early check-in / late check-out?
While we would be delighted to offer every guest an early check-in and late check-out, it isn’t logistically possible. Due to our high turnover of guests we cannot say whether it’s possible until the day you are checking in/out. Please feel free to ask, but we ask that you send the request one day before the day which you are asking us to be flexible.
Can we store our luggage somewhere on our check-in or check-out day?
Absolutely. Please get in touch a few days before your arrival/departure with estimated timing and we will provide you with the details.
I noticed one of your apartments has a fireplace. Can we use it?
Unfortunately, this fireplace cannot be used by our guests. We have a candle in it which you are welcome to burn; however, the fireplace cannot be used for anything else under any circumstances.
What is there to do in Wengen?
Winter or Summer? Wengen has something for everyone. Visit our Explore page for our complete list of recommendations for Wengen and the surrounding area.

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